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    I have a Verizon Tour which Verizon unlocked. I will be in the UK for an extended period of time and have an Orange prepaid SIM. I have used the Orange SIM to make calls on the Orange network without any problem. However when I called Orange to register for their 5 pound BIS data plan they told me to register my phone in the Orange BB registration site. When I tried to do this I could not because my phone was registered to VZ. I have called Verizon and they have been no help. What I need to know is how to register my phone with Orange and then go back to Verizon when I return to the States. I will put my Verizon account on suspend. Will that do it? Some where I read deleting my email account before I leave will do it? Is that sufficient? Any help would be appreciated.

    12-13-09 01:53 PM