1. Buddha88's Avatar
    Hi Folks,

    Just checked my o2 bill. I'm being charged for using mobile.o2.co.uk. O2 say I'm using video streaming and my usage doesn't allow for that. But closer looking, I'm apparently accessing mobile.o2.co.uk every night at midnight and being charge anything from 25p to 37p per night. Anyone else had this problem???


    02-15-10 11:23 AM
  2. tempest2112's Avatar
    I'm with o2 as well and have never had that issue. The onluy thing I can think is there must be an app causing this.Wish I knew the answer for you but at least you know that its particular to your phone now.
    02-15-10 02:03 PM
  3. Buddha88's Avatar
    Thanks tempest. It must be an app thats updating at midnight or something.
    02-15-10 03:52 PM
  4. CGSCOT's Avatar
    Are you using the Snaptu app ? if so thats what O2 are charging for, snaptu uses mobile.02.co.uk & so far its not included in data.
    02-19-10 09:31 AM
  5. Buddha88's Avatar
    well spotted, Yes I am! Not any more
    02-20-10 11:58 AM
  6. sib01's Avatar
    Nice one, i was having something very similar and the woman at O2 actually accused me of tethering my phone!! I keep getting random chanrges of anything for a couple of pence to 50P with no explinattion.

    I too have now removed Snaptu!!
    02-23-10 06:00 AM
  7. Buddha88's Avatar
    to give O2 credit, they have refunded me 15 or so for all the chargers snapto have charged!
    02-24-10 05:50 PM
  8. Caecilius's Avatar
    I had a similar problem over the summer with the main Google app - I kept seeing small charges for accessing mobile.o2.co.uk. I see it's been updated and wonder if it uses Blackberry data now. Anyone had any issues with this new version?
    02-25-10 03:48 AM