1. Juan Sumluv's Avatar
    I'm new here,I'm hoping to get a blackberry soon.
    I'm a construction guy and really need to stick with a flip phone to help protect the keypad and screen in the enviroment I work in.I'm interested in the Pearl Flip 8230.That's the CDMA model.

    Right now I'm with AT&T,contract is up and I am month to month.So I have no strings attached to a carrier.My work takes me from NYC to Long Island where Verizon coverage is actually considered to be better by most people.

    I would really like to go to a pre-paid carrier for a little while before I drop AT&T altogether.We have Page Plus here that utilizes the Verizon network.For $30 or$40 I can get all the voice I need.On the job I use voice all the time and can get by without data. Page Plus has data and charges by the Mb as you go,so if I go that route I won't use data that much.But atleast I can audition the new phone a little bit,and move it to Verizon with a data plan when I'm ready.Remember voice is still very important on my job.

    So,I'd like to buy a used Flip 8230,either local or Ebay.They go for about $100.Should I look for a Verizon branded phone? What do I need to know about unlocking it? Can you give me any other suggestions,especially what I can do with the phone using limited data? This phone does not have wifi.
    01-20-10 07:45 AM