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    When I was pawing the 9700 on the shelf just before I bought one, the assistant manager wanted me to know that T-Mobile was having compatibility issues with their Nokia tower equipment and certain devices (Blackberry and the Nexus). According to her, Tmo had several vendors suppling the towers and it was the Nokia towers in the Seattle area that were part of the problem. She said that they were anticipating a software fix "real soon now" but she didn't want me to be disappointed with the Blackberry. She recommended turning off the 3G radio and just running GPS/Edge until the fix was in.

    Now I have had the phone for 3 days and have personally had flawless performance. Voice calls sound great and emails are getting pushed rapidly even from my old exchange server.

    Has anyone else heard about this issue involving the Nexus and the 9700?

    I almost felt like she was trying to steer me away for my berry.

    If it is true, then this was the most forthcoming salesperson I have ever met.
    02-26-10 01:54 AM