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    Hey everyone,

    I am a Sprint customer that currently is running off a very old minute only plan and do not have a smartphone. After looking at how much plans have dropped now and what Sprint offers I am considering switching to a data plan soon and thus want a smartphone to use the services.

    Currently, I am a little ways off from being able to upgrade my phone again since my contract lasts until about the end of this year and wanting to switch a lot sooner I am thinking of getting a new 8330 curve off ebay. I've been doing a little research about activating ebay phones and became confused from some stuff I read on another forum in regards to new phones and contracts.

    On this other forum, some people seem to strongly suggest that purchasing a new phone off ebay (from a trusted seller without a contract) will reset my contract with Sprint when I go to activate the phone. They argued that even though the phone was not bought through a Sprint dealer in which case Sprint did not have to give out any rebate for your phone, your contract will automatically reset when you register the phone because it is new and was never activated before. This seems absurd to me and maybe it is but I just wanted to double check this somewhere else.

    It would not be the end of the world to reset my contract of course but I'd rather it not so a year from now I could maybe upgrade off my contract if I wanted to a newer model.

    I would very much appreciate someone clearing this up for me.
    01-21-10 03:37 PM
  2. papped's Avatar
    Activating a new phone that you purchased without a contract does not reset your contract
    01-21-10 03:46 PM
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    I purchased a brand new 8330 from a company off the internet in March of last year. It was a no contract phone. I paid 179.00 for the phone. When I received the phone, I went online to my Sprint account and activated it. My contract wasn't extended, nor did I incur an activation fee. The best thing to do is call Sprint, or go to your online account and use the Chat feature. I have several friends who have done the same thing with Sprint, and never had to extend their contract.
    01-21-10 03:48 PM
  4. sg137281's Avatar
    They will make you change your plan to an everything data, but it does not change the contract length.
    01-21-10 03:50 PM
  5. Jo_795's Avatar
    no contract renewals no activation fees you just by the phone and call sprint to activate it . What you have to verify before buying is the ESN number on the phone is clear to activate on your account. Ebay posting should post it or anyone trying to sell you a phone
    01-21-10 05:03 PM
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    Thanks for the information everyone, I really appreciate it.
    01-22-10 11:49 AM
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    Thanks for the information everyone, I really appreciate it.
    did you get my pm...
    01-22-10 03:30 PM