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    */This is most likely a rant since I just got off of work, and this was my last customer*/

    I'm not talking about how you have to have the text or data requirement on the phone but how it is now attached to the contract for a length of two years whether you use the berry for that length of time or not, and removing it will get you an early termination fee.

    I had a customer come in with a family plan and she upgraded a line that was eligible to be upgraded and just wanted the data plan switched to another line so she would be able to use the phone on that line as so many have done before. Quick call into CS to find out this is no longer possible. If they want to use the berry on another line they have to at least have 14.99 text requirement on that line plus a data feature on the line she wanted to use it on, but she had unlimited texting for the whole family plan so in a sense she would have two unlimited texting plans?

    It might be easier to explain by numbers.

    59.99 a month 700 minutes no MyFaves (Old Plan)
    9.99 for third line.
    9.99 for fourth line.
    19.99 a month for unlimited texting for the family plan.
    Berry on upgraded line requires at least 14.99 texting plan.
    Berry moved to another line with data feature of 24.99.

    Too me this would be a deal breaker and warrant the return of the phone. Why pay for two texting plans and on top of that if you switch to a "dumb" phone the requirement still has to be there for the length of the contract.

    Customer ended up speaking to CS, Supervisor, and even yet their Supervisor and all said the same thing.

    Last time I did this was two weeks ago and their was no big hassle to do it as long as a data feature was on the line. CS and supervisor both told me this is how it has been since June and that CS shouldn't have moved it from one line to the other. I don't blame the customer for wanting to return it. So when did they really change this?
    12-01-09 11:14 PM