1. Janey_G's Avatar
    I'm hoping that I can get some advice here. Here's a little background:

    Yesterday I downloaded the Surreal theme. At that time I had OS 4.2 which was what the required OS for the theme. Then I heard that OS 4.5 came out. I downloaded it and everything went fine. I was so relieved. After that, that's when all **** broke loose.

    When I went to set everything back up, I forgot about the Surreal theme only being for OS 4.2. I selected it and then got a App Error 523. I couldn't do anything. I went into DM and it wouldn't let me delete the theme for some reason. I then called Verizon. The CSR was really nice and after some looking around on his end he decided that I had basically fried my BB and was going to send me out another one. I asked if I could do it myself in a store since I didn't want to wait. He gave me a case number and the call ended.

    After that, I did some looking around on here and found some possible solutions. I deleted all DM related software on my laptop, reinstalled a lower version and then deleted the theme in the DM. I connected my BB and KAPLAMMMM! Everything was fixed!

    My concern/question is: Is there anything I should look for on my device that will let me know if everything is truly ok? Are there any tests for me to run, etc.? What also scares me is that the CSR was completely unprepared for a call like this. I can't believe I've ever been the only one with a problem like this.

    But all is good and I have a happy ending. My BB is upgraded to OS 4.5 and seems to have come out fine. I just have to remember to pay attention to OS version warnings!
    11-01-08 08:24 AM
  2. cutdacheck2003's Avatar
    If your device is operating well you should be fine. There are no tell tell signs that I have experienced other than a little hourglasing that may give off a warning sign that something may not be running right. Looks like you did everything you were supposed to. Great Job!
    11-01-08 08:38 AM
  3. Bigmuddy's Avatar
    Jane, not sure if this works on 4.5, but you can run a test by selecting Options - Status - and once in the status screen
    type "test" with no quotes. You should get a prompt to continue.
    11-02-08 09:16 AM