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    I just got my blackberry a week ago and I'm a new customer to at&t (current sprint customer also) but I have a few things I need to know before I commit.

    1) how long do I have if I want to return the phone. (30 days or less) also will my credit be screwed up by returning it? (I'm young with still good credit)

    2) how long do I have if I want to add insurance to my account.*

    4) I ordered the phone through crackberry so would I have to send it back to them or go into an at&t store.

    5) Can I change my plan any time I want without renewing my contract? (I can do it anytime on sprint)*

    6) I got an data only plan with 200 texts since I still have a sprint phone with minutes I hardy use. So how much do you guys/gals pay a month. I pay $75 for my simple everything plan with 450 mins plus unlim nites n weekend n data. So what would the cheapest plan be on at&t with bis plus mins an unlim texts?

    *I might need to get rid of one phone an I think it might be my blackberry.*

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    12-21-09 09:40 AM
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    1. 30 days and no your credit wont get screwed
    2. you have 30 days to add insurance
    3. im pretty sure you have to send back to crackberry
    4. im not sure
    5. youll have to look at the at&t site
    12-21-09 11:35 AM
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    5: You can change your voice plan any time you like, but you will lose any rollover minutes above the minute limit in the new plan at the time of the change.

    Say you have 5000 rollover minutes saved up, and you decide to move down to the cheapest minute plan, 450 or 550 minutes, depending on your market. You will then have all rollover minutes beyond the number of minutes in the new plan expire. Don't cry about it, you were never going to use them anyway, and it's a BOON.

    I dropped down to 450 minutes at $40 per month after my 6 month subcontract with Wirefly expired.

    So now I pay $39.99 for voice, $30 for BIS, $5 for 200 messages, $4.99 for insurance.

    Unlimited messaging for a smartphone is $20 per month. Why is it less for a basic phone? Because there's a bundle for basic phones called Unlimited Messaging and Data for $30 per month, that most people don't know about, and unlimited messaging allows basic phone users to save $5 on their unlimited data. Yes, even Family Messaging Unlimited allows this, even though the charge for it is on one line in the group.
    12-21-09 04:40 PM