1. Rickbubello's Avatar
    Ok heres the deal, my plan on verizon with 2 blackberry's (3 total phones and 1400 mins and unlimited text) with my state discount after taxes is killing me at 220$ a month for verizon. I love the service, dont get me wrong but the price is just wrong at this point.

    Im looking to switch to ATT, my wife and I sold them for a long time until we switched to verizon, I know the deal with the coverage ( I live in ny so coverage isn't an issue and I dont use cellphones in subways) so I know the advantages of cdma to gsm.

    My question is, there are alot of promo's going on right now for free blackberry's including this site for signing up a new account. I have the choice of getting a bold, bold 9700 and curve 8900. I currently have a storm 9550, tour 9630 and every other cdma berry that verizon carries minus the new 8530. What would you guys suggest?

    I know the 9700 is new, I saw it in person today and it just seemed tiny to be honest. I love the size of the old bold, but was worried of its age at this point with a 2 year contract. So I guess the question is, I was hoping you guys could give some input. I dont want to sign up and feel slighted. I appreciate any advice if possible
    12-13-09 10:04 PM
  2. Rickbubello's Avatar
    also will my blackberry tour 9630 or my blackberry storm2 9550 work on att? I know that they will be able to make phone calls if I unlock them, but in terms of 3g etc.. will I be able to use 3g service with them as well? Im sorry Im a newb to unlocked world phones
    12-13-09 10:19 PM
  3. se1000's Avatar
    Yes your tour and storm2 will work on ATT but will only be able to connect to EDGE.

    If you like the larger form factor of the original Bold, it's still a great device. If you're going to get the 8900, you might as well get the 9700 instead, they are just about the same size and the 9700 has 3G.
    12-13-09 10:27 PM