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    Soo Ive been a blackberry user for years. Last I had was storm, the OS was finally getting nice. Now storm 2 is here but not on the new network? why, who knows. I guess they dont want to sell them.
    So I friggin did it, I bought the dang IPhone. What I like and what I miss.
    Ok, Iphone on this new network is friggin crazy fast, web browser +++ download speeds faster then most peoples home internet.
    Call quality is worlds, beyond words better then any BB i've had. Probably the new network thing.
    Now what was better with my storm, well I always feel like Im shopping for diamonds with the iphone just tapping at the glass. The Storm I always held gripped fingers on the screen waiting to be pushed.
    Speaking of push, where my email at dog, where it at? Ok I did figure out how to get it to push emails, BUT IT's not the SAME or anywhere as good...but this could be a good thing. Email can wait till Im damn good and ready to look at it. I miss BBM alot, I gots SMS and MMS and something to talk to other jerks on iphones called ping. I miss the most of my storm is the SPEAKER VOLUME. The storm goes louder and sounds better hands down then the iphone. I liked it nice and loud, that and a quick mute button at the top...but the WORST is the battery life on iphone 3gs it's like HELLLO I can notz be charging u 2 times a day girlfriend.
    11-24-09 10:41 PM
  2. kevnadianbacon's Avatar
    I'm thinking of upgrading from my curve to the Iphone but is the battery life that bad?
    11-25-09 12:34 AM
  3. steve7602's Avatar
    I'm thinking of upgrading from my curve to the Iphone but is the battery life that bad?
    the battery life really sucks on the iphone, i had one for a week and brought it back, not just because of that now but the battery does blow man. i went back to blackberry i got the bold 9700 and i have never ever seen a battery last so good as this blackberry does.
    11-25-09 08:57 AM
  4. petaf's Avatar
    You can buy (they are not cheap) the extended battery cases for your Iphone. That's the really bad thing about iphones, battery life. That and the fact that there's no blinking red notification for emails!!!
    11-25-09 09:39 AM
  5. steve7602's Avatar
    the iphone is amazing in so many ways its like it dont even belong here, its from the future,it was to much for me and i missed my blackberry email and messenger. ill never leave blackberry again. maby some day blackberry will do everything the iphone can do to lol. but one thing is how much safer the blackberry's are. like every message is encryped that comes and goes from blackberrys and are a more sefer deviece
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    11-25-09 10:01 AM
  6. kevnadianbacon's Avatar
    not just because of that now.
    such as? or just the push email etc from the first post.
    11-25-09 12:49 PM