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    So yesterday when I got home I noticed that I was unable to send/receive any BB Messages ... I immediately went into repair mode ... battery pull ... didn't work ... resent service books ... didn't work ... tried to register on the BB network ... didn't work ... tried to restore the BB from a backup made yesterday ... that didn't work ... got online with AT&T tech chat ... after I was treated like a child that didn't know how to use his BB ... the tech said I'd have to call so they could escalate it to RIM ... I called and the new tech said that she couldn't just transfer me to RIM so we tried everything over again ... ended up doing a complete wiping of the device (luckily I had backed up just yesterday!) ... during the wipe the call to AT&T "mysteriously" ended ... the device was working fine after the wiping ... I then proceeded to restore my device from the backup ... but mini opera,jivetalk and BB smart email viewer was not put back on my BB ... so now I'm left with a few unanswered questions that have me scratching my head ...

    1) what the heck caused my BB to suddenly stop working on the BB network ...
    2) why does AT&T techs ask if you have a call back number when they NEVER call you back ...
    3) why doesn't a backup back everything up on a device, so when you have to restore there is no running around trying to figure out what your missing and reinstall it and finding those long lost registration keys ...
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    10-13-07 07:11 AM
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    Aaaaai, not a good thing here! Did you get it all working again? Can imagine you felt frustrated by it all.
    Please keep us posted.
    Wish I could have helped in answering your questions, I thought that when you back-up and restore ALL would come back.
    10-13-07 07:51 AM
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    my curve is working now ... but i've had some other issues pop up on me ... but i think i have them worked out now ... I had someone leave me a VM and when i pressed 1 to call my VM i got a message stating that it was an invalid number ... i got back into ATT tech chat and they had me reassign the W key as the speed dial for my VM number ... i didnt like that because the restore SHOULD have restored that even if it didnt restore the 3rd party apps ... so i did yet another restore and my speed dial now works for me ... still trying to track down what i did with the darn registration keys for jivetalk and BB smart email viewer ...
    10-13-07 11:30 AM
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    Glad you got most working! Know the feeling of missing registration keys, unfortunately.
    Wouldn't be the first time I'd lose or forgotten that,lol!
    But still very weird why it didn't restore programs.... What else is a backup good for???
    10-13-07 11:37 AM
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    update on the program restoration ... once i loaded JiveTalk and MiniOpera ... of course it was a clean install on those programs ... i then performed another reset on the Curve and abra-ca-dab-ra my settings in the programs were returned to me ... but i still have to load the registration keys manually ...

    not sure if this is due to the same issue or not but i'm having difficulties DL a MMS message a friend sent to me ...
    10-13-07 04:34 PM
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    Lol, keeps you busy I guess. Very strange, though! At least things are starting to come together again, no thanks to AT&T.
    10-13-07 05:33 PM
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    I had the same exact thing happen to me as well after owning my Curve for about three weeks. All I could get is GSM and lowercase EDGE. I couldn't send or receive email. Also, I had no internet connectivity. I could make a phone call though.

    In seeking support, I went through the same scenario you did (except that AT&T did call me back). Nothing helped but a complete wipe of the device.

    Like you, I had everything backed up. Once the phone was back up and running, I had to re-customize it and download Opera and a few other apps again.

    I was told that some 3rd party apps can cause conflicts. I was running the beta version of Mobipocket Reader and a few games, but that's about it. I STILL don't have an answer for what happened.

    Since the wipe, the phone hasn't had any problems. I have all the apps back that I did before except for a "Galaga" game I had installed just days before the issue.

    I'm glad to see that it wasn't just me! Misery loves company! Maybe this can be a support thread.

    Anyone else have this issue?
    10-14-07 01:43 PM
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    well to add on to the drama with my BB ... my external harddrive where I keep all of my important information (and backups for the BB) is messing up on me so I cant get my media card back up an running again ... after the device wipe I kept getting some message stating that the media card had encrypted files on it and that it would be unaccessable by the BB ... so I decided after talking to ATT, after the voicemail speed dialing issue, that I'd reformat the media card and put all the files on again ... hopefully I can get the hard drive figured out soon ...
    10-15-07 07:31 AM