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    On our last trip to Italy (we live in California) we bought an inexpensive Vodafone (model 231) with a prepaid plan. However, I've come to discover that despite having a data cable, this phone doesn't allow any addition of ringtones, wallpaper and so on, and the non-querty keyboard is almost useless for texting. So I'm thinking of acquiring another BB 8310 (I have an AT&T 8310 already) that's unlocked and moving the SIM from the 231 to this phone prior to our next trip in 2010.

    Any reason this wouldn't work? Does anyone know if the prepaid SIM includes texting as well as calls or do I have to add this. The 231 does handle SMS. Also, when the phone boots, what can I expect to see -- an orange Vodafone screen or...

    I assume the SIM and phone memory are completely separate, so I could add apps to the phone (not OTA) while in California.

    Any suggestions or advice would be most appreciated.
    12-07-09 05:54 AM