1. TZoKen's Avatar
    Is there a way to make Medianet your default? So that when you click links that are in email, etc. it does not go thru BB. My AT&T rep says they will charge when you I go online thru BB but not their MediaNet as part of my unlimited package.

    12-12-09 07:35 PM
  2. joemecu's Avatar
    If you were sold the BIS plan, then the representative is wrong. I use Browser all of the time, and have never been charged extra to use it, vs MEdia Net.

    Irregardless, here's how you can set the default:
    Go into Options->Advanced Options->Browser->Default browser configuration, and change to MEdia Net.
    12-12-09 08:55 PM
  3. asiancuta's Avatar
    whoa..didn't know you get charged depending on what BB browser you use. so far i haven't seen any extra charges. thankfully
    12-14-09 06:11 PM