1. BilalJaffery's Avatar

    I am not purposing that we forfit the benefitis of the centralized RIM BIS servers, however, I think it is about time that we allow more apps to freely utilize WIFI for the data needs.

    Much like the iphone which can easily hop onto the wifi network and decrease user's reliance on a data network. The more painless you make the system, the more the 'consumer' segment adopts.

    I do recognize that RIM has done a fantastic job in reducing the costs of a BIS service allowing the masses to hop onto to do the messaging/email/BBM. However, I think its time that we recognize WIFI as full fledge alternative to receive data services on our devices. Heck, maybe even open it up for the Blackberry App World -- more customers = more revenue potential.
    12-23-09 03:22 AM