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    Pearl 8110, OS 4.3, AT&T - when I go to Manage Connections - mobile network options - I get two choices Data and Mobile NW. Under the Mobile Network option I cannot change it from AT&T; I am trying to get it to roam to a tmo tower nearby, but I have no options ; if I click it or use menu key, I get a menu with help/copy/diags/call vm/etc. Any feedback or help with this would be appreciated.
    09-09-08 03:36 PM
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    After a hugely frustrating 90 Minutes with an ATT CSR who was kind, friendly and clueless, and another 30 minutes with a RIM tech who thought the answer to everything was to downgrade the OS, they made the miraculous discovery that AT&T has locked out the ability to choose Roaming mode or control network selection in anyway and implemented this as a network enforced policy; is anybody else seeing this on AT&T with 4.3 ? I had it escalated and am waiting a call back, but it appears that AT&T has removed the ability to select the network, or any options relevant to the network selection, from the version of the software on my Pearl. I am not happy but don't know what else I can do; any suggestions appreciated.
    09-10-08 06:39 AM