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    How it started, I ordered 2 keyone's on the 15th and was told great they are in stock (transcript) you will get them in 2-4 days, ordered through chat. 16th the credit card notifies me that they have been charged. Called to ask for the tracking number and email.
    Told me they are in process don't worry when they ship you will get the email. 19th call and was told sorry now a wait of 10-15 days. We don't have them.
    So told them to just cancel the order. I ordered because I was told I would have them in 2-4 days not another 10-15 days. After 2 hours going through different people they said they are cancelled. Talked to a manager to have it cancelled. I have a bad feeling that they have not cancelled the order. No email.
    I have been lied to every time I talk to them. I was lied to at the start of putting in the purchase. I will let you know how this goes. Beware of Rogers. Not looking good.

    Update: Rogers called me. Said cancelled, will get check 5-10 days. They cannot put it back on my card. Still no email though.
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    06-20-17 07:25 AM
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    Problem solving is generally not a high points winner with these big Télécom companies. Customer service reps only have minimal access on their computer screens and issues like orders are dealt with by the track/trace department which customer service reps have no access to only managers that's why all above level 1 customer issues have to be escalated and usually dealt with within 24-48hours by the management teams! Customer service reps at Rogers now have to deal with not only wireless but television, home phone, and smart Home security!
    06-20-17 11:11 PM
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    Yes. You have to escalate to managers and still call them every day or they will not call you and keep you on till they receive the devices. Finally today received a check. They will not reimburse reimburse your card. Well at least settled now. Moved to Bell, only option. Still no email. Lol
    06-30-17 02:00 AM

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