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    I just upgraded from the Curve 8330 to the Tour today. It should be at my house by Wednesday. I'm currently with Alltel because their service is the best in my area, and we're divested so we have not merged with Verizon and are still Alltel. Anyways, I was talking to the guy on the phone taking my order and he said something about the Tour's internet being faster with its 3G capabilities than the Curve. When I inquired further about this, he said something about the Tour using EVDO REV A as opposed to REV 0 that my Curve does. I have no idea really what this means, so can anyone explain it a little better for me?

    My Curve always shows 1XEV which I'm assuming is Rev O? The Tour will show 1XEV which will be Rev A and faster? The Curve's internet speed is certainly not the best so a boost in that speed would be wonderful. Can anyone clerify this for me?

    I did a search and found the differences between the two, but there seems to be a lot of ambiguity surrounding whether or not the phone is actually running REV A or REV O (Tours). Nothing specific has to be done to utilize this nice speed increase, or do I have to contact their support for this? Is there anything I should do with my Tour out-of-the-box aside from making sure it's fully updated via BM 5.1? Thank you!
    11-30-09 01:43 PM
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    There is no distinction between Rev 0 and Rev A when you look at the signal meter. Rev 0 and Rev A are both considered 3G. Rev A is just faster - that's all.

    Your phone came setup to use what ever is the fastest in the area so there is no reason to change any settings.

    Hope this helps!
    12-02-09 11:11 PM
  3. BoostinBen's Avatar
    Yeah the Tour is definitely faster than my Curve at web-browsing. Very nice. Thanks!
    12-03-09 07:17 AM