1. Sensesfail99's Avatar
    If there are any CS reps on here, I just want to say thanks! Especially if youre one of the AWESOME reps! We always say bad crap about verizon, but i guess at the end of the day... I dont think I would really change carriers. I was thinking the other night.... Ive been with verizon for 8 yrs now and I think I could count on 2 hands how many dropped calls ive had. I travel a lot and hike a lot too and it seems like I always have service longer then all my friends do! and they use tmobile, atnt and sprint! So yeah... just a quick thanks! You guys and gals deserve it!
    06-30-08 08:28 PM
  2. Cole's Avatar
    I will second that Verizon CS reps are on the top of they're game. My girlfriend used to be one and she hated it but a whole different story.

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    06-30-08 08:37 PM
  3. ok4a56's Avatar
    I agree 100% I have been with them for almost 7 years and can't remember the last time I had a dropped call. Plus each time I call 611 they are all wonderful.

    CSR keep up the good work

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    06-30-08 11:37 PM
  4. overmydeadberry's Avatar
    Ya I love VZW every now and then I think of switching but I don't cuz it aint worth the trade off

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    06-30-08 11:53 PM
  5. Sensesfail99's Avatar
    611 is almost always a good time for me. If I get someone who isnt understanding what Im asking, I kindly ask to be transferred and the next person always gets it. Ive on;y had to do that twice, but its because i couldnt understand the CSR.
    06-30-08 11:55 PM
  6. jenaywins's Avatar
    Yup. Love my vzw reps. Never had a bad experience. My mum is one actually so I understand more about their policies and whatnot as employees of verizon. Letting them know that I'm aware of company policy and protocal and what they have to adhere to on their end always seems to help whenever I have an issue. always very courteous, helpful, and super customer-oriented. Yay you, vzw!

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    07-01-08 12:03 AM
  7. crashovrride's Avatar
    I never hate having to call Verizon. The people there are always so polite and always go the extra mile to help you.
    07-01-08 12:24 AM
  8. mikells43's Avatar
    yea i can count on my hands the dropped calls i have had with vzw. thats why i stay . my mom is a mail carrier and she goes into raurel areas. she has even borrowed my phone in the past cause her att peice of crapola didn't get recp. verizon is a great company, a bit slow on devices and knowledge about new devices or os updates or bis updates lol. there prob still clueless about the bis 2.5 update
    07-01-08 12:36 AM