01-28-10 10:46 AM
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    If you're upgrading (getting subsidary pricing) than it doesn't matter the device. BUT if you buy like a VX6900 or a Q on eBay and activate it, it doesn't not require a data plan.
    If you buy a smartphone (non blackberry) off of ebay, if the phone was made before November 2008, you do not need a data plan. However if that phone was made after December 2008, you are required to get a data plan. All blackberrys no matter where you get them from, like ebay or craigslist, are required to have data plans.
    01-28-10 12:17 AM
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    So then how come when I activated the phone in May 2009, I had the option to choose the pay per mb plan, the $30, or the $45 plan? And I was able to choose the pay per mb plan! It has to do when the phone was made, of course that applies to non blackberry smartphones. I don't know how long its been since blackberrys have needed data plans.
    You are right. Which goes back to when I said that it is not required but suggested on older devices, hence why you had a choice between pay as you go data or the data plans. sorlipm keeps posting incorrectly and confusing people, it has nothing to do with when you started service and everything to do with when the phone was released.

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    01-28-10 06:46 AM
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    I understood this to be what the OP is saying as our new line up of Enhanced Multimedia phones... not just smartphones.

    If that's the case then phones like the Samsung Rogue and EnV Touch do give the option of the unlimited MB usage for $29.99.

    Also reps who are posting in here please post with consistency as to what the proper procedure is as far as data plan requirements!
    01-28-10 08:12 AM
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    The correct information has been posted as to the requirements for multimedia phones and smartphones. But people are getting too deep into specifics and giving incorrect information.

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    01-28-10 10:46 AM
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