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    I did a smartphone hup last year around this time and noticed on the rogers website that I'm eligible for another smartphone hup. I want the white bold (I have the 8900 right now) but it's quoted at $199. Last year, online I was quoted $299 for the 8900 but asked retentions nicely to give it to me for new customer pricing, which they did. I know the rules have changed now, so does anyone think retentions might give me the white bold for $99 (aka new customer pricing)?

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    12-17-09 04:07 PM
  2. Rikter's Avatar
    You're asking what we think someone will do. There is no answer to that question, the only answer to it will come from the person you talk to.

    Me saying "yes" s/he will give you that price and then s/he doesn't... will you tell them I said you can?

    Me saying "no" but s/he does... thus I am wrong.

    It's 50/50 and you'll only know when you call.
    12-17-09 06:24 PM
  3. Bazza1's Avatar
    The smartphone HUP was changed to every two years from every one - this done in August (yeah, another change in Contract without informing people) - and though your account's website says you are eligible for an upgrade, the CSRs may take exception and say its not possible.

    A case of two of many Rogers Wireless departments not working together....

    As for what price you might be able to get a BB for (especially in light of the above), it is pretty much a luck of the draw as to which CSR you speak to, the time of the day and whether they feel good about themselves when you call.

    There seems to be no definitive guidance from Head Office on how Plans are created or dispersed to subscribers once you vary from the printed brochures.
    12-18-09 09:03 AM
  4. Matt_25's Avatar
    Price went down to $0.99 today, haha.

    Ya, if you ask to speak with retentions they can make a deal with you.

    They offered me a hardware upgrade a week after I had just done one LOL.

    Only condition was that I increase my data plan from $15 (150 MB) to $25 (500 MB) per month. I said no, didn't make sense to me.
    12-18-09 03:34 PM