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    A couple of interesting points from Mr. Magenta :

    *"Fortunately, T-Mobile has a good amount of mid-band spectrum to support our network. So we were able to be pretty conservative and strategic in this auction. "

    As you recall, Tmob didn't buy much in this action since they are waiting for the 600MHz spectrum.


    "AT&T and Verizon already control 73 percent of the nationís low-band spectrum.* Yes.* I said 73%!* Wondering how the hell this happened? Back in the Ď80s, before the government started auctioning spectrum, it gave Ma Bellís offspring a ridiculous amount of free spectrum to begin building wireless networks. Each company got a juicy 25 MHz of prime, low-band spectrum across the country. And these Twin Bells, infused with this government gift, have leveraged it into market dominance. Yes, they are now AT&T and Verizon!"

    I think this isn't entirely correct. My recollection is there was a band for the established wire line vendor. That would be ATT and GTE. Then the other band was up for grabs. My recollection was Cellular One being the other vendor, though it depends where you lived.

    "If the government wants a competitive wireless market, they need to establish auction rules to reflect that. Hereís what they need to do:
    First, reject the Twin Bellsí ploys to delay the next auction, supposedly so they can restock their coffers. Verizon just admitted publicly that they have vast amounts of spectrum already, and donít need to buy a lot more. So if they are restocking their coffers, they are doing it for one reason, and one reason only: to keep competitors out!"

    Well maybe. Verizon already did a tower leaseback and sold some wire line business to raise cash for the last auction:
    Verizon gets $15 billion from wireline sale, tower leasing deal - LA Times

    Full article here:
    Speak Up for America?s Wireless Future | T-Mobile Newsroom

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    02-18-15 11:38 PM

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