1. ZipSpeed's Avatar
    Using the Tour in Calgary. Anyone finding the network unusually slow? Been like this the last few weeks. Did a battery pull a few times but didn't solve the problem. If I click a link in the browser, it's not uncommon to wait up to a minute before anything loads.

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    01-31-10 07:58 PM
  2. blackmarket#AC's Avatar
    Download opera mini 5beta 2 will make your internet 3x faster or its telus problem.

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    01-31-10 08:05 PM
  3. Krypto's Avatar
    ZipSpeed, I'm in Vancouver here and I have been noticing a similar thing... sometimes my Storm will load pages immediately, other times...

    I'm even noticing the same problem with Opera Mini 5. The pages can sometimes take 20-30 seconds to load while other times, they load within 5 seconds. I'm not sure if it's a problem with the network or something else though.
    02-01-10 02:47 AM
  4. nfldberryuser's Avatar
    I'm in Newfoundland, so I'm about as far away from you as I can be while staying in the country, and download speeds here have been normal. Sounds like a West Coast problem.
    02-01-10 06:07 AM
  5. Hup55's Avatar
    I have too noticed it being slower! what happened to faster on 3G?
    02-01-10 11:51 AM
  6. bbtour9630's Avatar
    I too have had extremely slow load times and download times in Winnipeg.

    Maybe it is their way of gently pushing us to upgrade to their new, 'fast' network? =D
    02-01-10 05:44 PM