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    OK, so I've read and understand that the International Email service is just that - international Email (though I was told by customer service this also includes BBM - is this true?).

    My question is this - is there a way (deleting certain service books, changing APN settings, etc.) to make sure the device does not use data that is not covered under this service? I am travelling to Germany in a week and all I need is email, but I know I have a lot of applications that run in the background that may access data - and while I can try to remember to shut them down each time I reboot, I'd rather not have to do this. It seems my only option is to wipe the device and go with a stock blackberry.

    it seems to me if they are going to charge us for one type of use and not another, there should be a way to turn one off through the phone settings (I know I can turn off the mobile network while roaming, but this also stops email and BBM, which I need for my job).

    My other option is going with a prepaid card - and TMO Germany has some feasible options it seems, but it doesn't say (so I'm assuming it doesn't) whether it includes BIS access. It looks like their prepaid data SIMs are just that - data. Does anyone know if there are any prepaid options in Germany that include BIS access, and if so how much they run per day/week/month?

    Thanks in advance.
    11-23-09 01:54 PM