1. msimpsonnj's Avatar
    Please pardon my ignorance...I have a Verizon 8830 that has been sitting in a drawer since I replaced it with a Tour. I am traveling to Europe next month on business and my wife and daughter will be with me, so I want them to use the 8830 with a purchased SIM so they can have a phone to reach me with. The 8830 is unlocked. Will I be able to use it, even though it is no longer an active phone on my Verizon account? I think the answer is yes, but at the moment I am not able to get it to find any service (here in the States) using a World SIM that I have lying around - it searches for GSM but never finds it....any help is appreciated!

    I just read a post elsewhere on this forum that suggests that the 8830 will not work with US GSM - is that correct? If so, it sounds like this should work once we land in Europe, even though I cant get it to work here in the States. If anyone has tried this (or knows that I should be able to use this phone in Europe), please let me know.


    03-07-10 11:28 AM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    That is correct. You cannot use the 8830WE on a GSM carrier in North America. However, if it is unlocked, you should be able to put in a SIM card from a European carrier, and it should work fine in Europe.
    03-07-10 11:37 AM