1. Teerim's Avatar
    Will Verizon unlock it for free for me, or do I have to buy an unlock code? I do travel during the summer, but I want to test service from other carriers as well. I'll be getting a prepaid phone for a tiny business I'll be running soon and I wanted to see if t-mobile is okay to get. My friend has it in this area and he says he gets a crappy amount of bars in his home.

    I also do travel during the summer to Europe. I've always borrowed a friend's phone for my travels, but using the Tour would be better, but only with local prepaid sims.

    Will Verizon do it no questions asked or do I have to create a story?
    08-06-09 09:30 PM
  2. rnd0209's Avatar
    I'm curious if there is a "story" needed as well. I know that sprint is doing this no questions asked. I wonder about verizon.

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    08-06-09 09:49 PM
  3. aznimage504's Avatar
    I got my 16 digit code easily. Call +18176984199 Sprint International service and chose option 3. She verified that I have a BBTour under my account and asked for me password. The rep didn't even ask why I wanted the code. All I said was " I recently bought a BBTour that was suppose to be unlocked but it was lock"

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    08-06-09 10:00 PM
  4. PMurray633's Avatar
    Call vzw global tech support, tell them you are traveling over seas, they are going to ask you some stuff, I believe they will ask you to add something onto your account, and then they should do it for you. Correct me if I am wrong.
    08-06-09 10:33 PM
  5. Q8BB's Avatar
    just call them, or get it from ebay its cheap
    08-06-09 10:36 PM
  6. Teerim's Avatar
    What must I add to my account?

    And how do World Phones work on Verizon? If i take the sim out, does that mean my number is automatically disabled or does it still work on the phone, since VZW also works with the CDMA technology which is sim-less.
    08-06-09 10:43 PM