1. gonuts31's Avatar
    So I lost my phone on New Years Eve, but luckily had insurance on the thing. It cost me $130 for a phone, computer cable, new headset, and new case with next day air shipping. Pretty impressive.

    Im curious if anyone else has gone through this and whether or not you know if the phones you get from insurance claims are out of the box new, or refurbished units?

    I feel slightly cheated if the phone is a refurb and from the first use I can tell the trackball is not like any other "new" blackberry I've used. The ball itself actually feels softer than the one I had on my lost phone.
    01-04-10 06:57 PM
  2. XyKo's Avatar
    They usually give you a refurbished phone.
    01-04-10 07:24 PM
  3. xTemptati0n's Avatar
    It's normally a refurb.
    01-04-10 08:35 PM
  4. NorrisCell's Avatar
    Every now and then insurance/warranty replacement comes through brand new. Recently did a manufacturer's exchange on my wife's HTC and got a brand new one. As stated above though, they are often refurbished
    01-04-10 08:38 PM
  5. gonuts31's Avatar
    I've been "playing" with the phone more now trying to get it back to where I like it and have noticed that the 'I' key doesn't work unless I press extra hard.

    The smallest things on a refurb phone **** me off the most. I can't count how many tmobile trash refurbs I've gone through.
    01-04-10 08:44 PM
  6. Blkbear's Avatar
    Well time to contact the insurance folks to let them know that the phone is not up to snuff, so you can get another one. And not much you can do about the refurbs the send out, it's what they do.
    01-04-10 10:00 PM
  7. PepsiCola's Avatar
    if it doesn't come with the retail box, it's a refurbished model
    01-09-10 08:53 PM