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    Since I just went through this ordeal I figured I would create this thread as a step-by-step on how to make sure your unlocked blackberry works on Telus.

    I just had my Bell BlackBerry Bold 9700 unlocked by Cellunlock.net and it worked like a charm, I just didnt know how to do the rest.

    Usually an unlock code will unlock the phone completely. Right away the voice and texting will work, but you will probably notice that when you put your new sim card in, you wont be able to use BBM or browse the internet outside of your home.

    So follow these detailed instructions and your unlocked phone will work with voice and Data.

    1. Verify that your device will work on whatever carrier you want to go on. For example, telus has a really handy tool that lets you input your IMEI to check: Non TELUS device compatibility check | Phones and devices | Support | TELUS Mobility

    You can also call them and give them your IMEI and they will let you know.

    Note: as far as I know, The bold 9000 and 9700 are the only ones that will work on Telus, Bell and Rogers 3G + networs. The exception being Wind mobile's 9700, which ONLY works on 3G with Wind's towers. Otherwise it will only work on 2G if you unlock a wind phone to use on Bell, Telus, or Rogers - so buyer beware.

    2. If you haven't already done so, get your phone unlocked. I recommend CellUnlock.net Wireless-Your #1 Source for Accessories, Parts, Repairs, Service & Unlocking! They were lightning fast (less than 5 minutes to get my code) and even included step-by-step directions on how to unlock my phone once I purchased a code from them. If you use the CODE Crackb50 at checkout, you instantly get 50% off their unlocking service!

    3. Once the phone is unlocked, Insert the SIM card for the NEW carrier into your phone. If the attached account is activated already, great. If not, make sure you call your new carrier and let them know what phone you're using, tell them it's unlocked, and follow their instructions.

    4. NOW HERE'S WHERE YOU HAVE TO BE PROACTIVE. Most of the activation representatives don't know much about hooking up the data so here's what you do.

    a. VERIFY with them that your data plan is for BLACKBERRY specifically. There is a difference between data plans for smartphones and blackberry.

    b. Once that's done you will most likely have to change your APN in the IP settings of your phone to reflect the APN settings of your new carrier. In most cases the APN that is there will be from the carrier who you bought the phone from. To change the APN:

    - hit the menu key (the button to the left of the trackpad)
    - choose option (the wrench icon)
    - choose advanced settings from the list
    - choose TCP/IP
    - change the APN to the one your carrier uses. (i.e. Telus's is bb.telus.com) there is usually no need to fill in the username and password, but ask your carrier to be sure.

    That's it!

    If you follow these instructions your Blackberry phone will work perfectly with both voice and data.

    Happy crackin'
    01-13-10 04:27 PM
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    Kudos. Thanks for sharing.
    01-13-10 05:38 PM
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    Nice guide thank you.
    01-13-10 07:19 PM
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    If I can help some people get up and running faster, I'm happy. You're welcome guys. Point your friends or forum buddies who have the same question to this thread!
    01-13-10 08:09 PM
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    Here's a bump to help a few more people.
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    Thanks for posting this.
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    Great guide. Thank you for the referral! Always feels good to see happy customers
    01-23-10 12:22 AM
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    It's nice the the Bell and Telus HSPA devices play so nice on the various networks, too bad we aren't so lucky with their CDMA devices. Oh well. Great guide, as long as the readers understand it is for HSPA devices, I can see the ones wanting their CDMA phones to do the same
    01-23-10 11:52 AM