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    Just to be clear, this only applies to customers who have an unlimited data plan, but do not currently have the hot spot feature activated.

    I've had the benefit of the unlimited data plan on Verizon's network for several years (obviously). For a little over a year now, I've been using the hot spot feature. I turn it on and off as I need to use it. It's great feature and super convenient. I loved that I only paid for the days I used it (makes sense right?).

    The last time I turned it on was on the 15th or 16th of this month actually. I was with my parents, their Internet service went down, I saved the day by turning on the hotspot. I was a hero. I turned it back off on the 18th after not needing it since their service returned. Well, last weekend (sunday) when I tried to turn it back on, I couldn't find the option to activate it on the My Verizon app on my phone.

    I thought this was strange, so I searched the website on my phone's browser. No luck, so I called in (which I hate doing). I get a customer service person, explain my situation and ask for help getting it turned back on. The very first thing they tell me is that I have NEVER been eligible to use the hotspot as it's not available un unlimited data plans (am I taking crazy pills?).

    I tell them that is incorrect as I actually had activated and deactivated the feature the previous week, and had been doing so on and off for over a year. As is expected, they didn't believe me or whatever and said if I wanted to reactivate the hotspot, I would need to give up my UDP (imagine that!).

    Well, I'm fuming at this point, but remain calm and polite and ask to be transferred to a supervisor. After a brief hold, they came back and let me know a supervisor was not available (no surprise there), but after re-reviewing my account, they could see that the hotspot feature had in fact been activated previously (ya don't say?). No apology (also no surprise).

    They let me know that someone would contact me in a few days to confirm whether the feature was reactivated or not.

    Well a few days go by, (6 to be exact) and no word from them, so I call in again. I get connected with a new rep, I debrief them, and ask if they can see any status updates. They do not see any updates, but offer to fill out a new form for me. After they're done, they let me know they filed an active pricing request (which the first rep did not specify) and they gave me an inactive pricing request number (which the first rep also didn't do). So now I get to wait another few days.

    People with UDP plans have really been getting shafted. First they make it a complete PITA to upgrade to a new phone without losing your data, then they hike up our monthly bills, (which I had to read about in the news, I wasn't told by Verizon it would happen) and now they've removed the hotspot as a feature we can turn on and off (again, without warning). All because we've been paying them our hard earned dollars for more years than the majority of their customers (seems backwards to me).

    It's becoming difficult to justify staying with them. Not because of the changes, because obviously changes were to be expected. It's more so the way I feel I've been mistreated as a long standing customer, who shelled out literally thousands of dollars to them over the years. I never get consistent answers when I call in for issues, and I constantly feel like I'm being punished for sticking with them when I should feel rewarded. Verizon, Y U do dis? Sorry I annoyed you with my loyalty.

    I've been considering switching to a GSM carrier but I also need to be able to make phone calls (service from other carriers is terrible in my area). My bill from them is just ballooning recently (5 lines, all smart phones, 2 with UDP, and now 1 hotspot).

    So, heed my warning fellow UDP customers. If you shut it off for any reason, know that you may not get it back. Figured I would give people a heads up since Verizon has decided to change the terms once again with out notifying us.

    I'll update once I get confirmation of whether they reactivate it or not. Thanks for reading.

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    01-30-16 09:37 AM
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    I believe you can still do it via the app (if they have one for BlackBerry) but I am not 100% on that.
    02-11-16 09:44 AM
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    Call Verizon Wireless Executive Office customer support The # is 888 844-0375.

    you will need to provide specific and. detailed info on your interactions with VW customer svce.

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    03-26-16 11:59 AM
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    Unfortunately you're fighting a losing battle.

    I also have the grandfathered unlimited data plan with Verizon. They are correct in saying that it should not have been possible for you to activate the hotspot on your UDP. For you it was a fortunate glitch .

    When Verizon went to the tiered data plans they specifically excluded grandfathered unlimited data plans from the hotspot option. Up until blackberry dropped adobe air support there was a workaround that allowed you to enable the hotspot by manipulating the engineering screen but that has long disappeared as a viable workaround.

    You are correct in that they desperately want us off of the UDP's though... as they say, data is the new greed.
    03-26-16 04:10 PM

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