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    Ordered unlock code on August 19th, for At&t Passport (states 1-2 days). I email them on the second day, emails me back on August 22nd, claims they emailed me saying there were problems (BS, I check all folders in my email) Tells me that they have to use the Not Found server and it will take an average of 3-4 days (even though it states 24 hours on their website). They agree to give me a full refund if I do not receive my code by Friday. Friday came and gone, no emails, no refund. I got fed up, contacted seller through PayPal. He apologizes and agrees to give a full refund again. No refund, no emails again, had to open a claim with paypal which could take another week. We all know that PayPal refunds take a few minutes only. Thanks for wasting my time Freeyourcellphone.com

    Anybody else had a similar experience?
    08-27-16 09:10 AM
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    Update: received email from the guy yesterday stating "manager was away last week and couldn't give a refund and will do it first thing Tuesday."

    Still nothing, sent two emails, no reply.

    PayPal gave them a week.

    Final Update: After many emails (about 18 back and forth) I finally I have my full refund. Will try getunlocked.com tomorrow morning for My passport unlock code.
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    08-30-16 04:04 PM

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