1. SFamilyRep's Avatar
    Im Looking To Unlock My Bb Tour, But I Don't Want To Pay For It If I Don't Have To....did Anyone With A Bb Tour On Verizon Know How To Obtain An Unlock Code For Free....do I Have To Call Customer Service Or Is There A Website????...please Help
    08-20-09 01:52 PM
  2. Syco54645's Avatar
    call vzw ask for international services, say you are leaving the country in a week. be in good standing for 90 days prior.
    oh and use the search.
    08-20-09 01:54 PM
  3. SFamilyRep's Avatar
    I Tried No Luck..i Think I ****ed Up By Saying Im Going To Jamaica, They Said That They Have Cdma Down There..wat Country Did U Use In Order To Get The Code
    08-20-09 03:11 PM
  4. VDub2174's Avatar
    I don't know about Verizon but all I did was call Sprint and say I needed the unlock code, the rep gave it to me without any problems. Maybe try the same thing?
    08-20-09 03:20 PM
  5. Syco54645's Avatar
    they probably made a note on your account now so i dunno.
    08-20-09 03:29 PM
  6. jlbdca's Avatar
    Are you calling the Global Support number? 908 559-4899, NOT the normal support number. Don't say you're going anywhere; if your account is in good standing and has been open 90 days they'll give it to you.
    08-20-09 03:34 PM