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    Can any of you help? I called TMobile last month before a trip out of the country to ask if there was any charge to tether my blackberry. I have the international plan and the agent said "no".

    I have a Blackberry and never use it for phone calls outside of the country and normally never tether it but I read about it so I called in to ask.

    Now I get my bill and it's $2,700! I told them I was going to Brazil and I figured the agent knew Brazil was outside of the USA. Now they are saying there is nothing they can do and I MUST pay it.

    Does anyone know of any legal way to get out of paying all of this? They are saying that no agent said that. I didn't call in from my Blackberry to ask. I called their 800 # and they never asked for my cellphone. I asked the question and got the answer.

    Does anyone know if there is anything I can do? I don't have the $2,700 now to pay this.

    Thanks so much.
    01-29-10 10:08 AM
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    Moving to Tmobile Forum
    01-29-10 10:11 AM
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    This is the 3rd time you posted this thread. Please only post once.
    01-29-10 10:17 AM