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    I am new to the blackberry scene, and was considering purchasing a BB Curve 8320 or 8830. I am almost done my Fido contract with my existing GSM phone, so I was initially looking at an unlocked Curve 8320 so I can take advantage of the WiFi capabilities and move to Rogers and subscribe to the $15 (Email & IM) plan w/o a contract.

    However, I noticed this plan from TELUS the other day: Personal Email, IM & Web 30 [wwww.telusmobility.com/on/services/pcs/email_im_web_30.shtml] which seems like a good deal. So with this, I was thinking of purchasing a TELUS locked 8830 and subscribe to this plan (w/o contract).
    I have no use for the GPS capabilities (that is why I was interested in the WiFi of the 8320), but with unlimited browsing, I really don’t need the WiFi capabilities anymore.

    So my questions is, should I stick to my original plan of getting an unlocked Curve 8320, or take a jump to TELUS b/c of that plan and get the 8830? I like the look of the Curve 8320 more than the 8830 since it has a camera, a bit smaller, and looks less business like, however the TELUS plan seems to be too enticing to give up.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!! THANKS!
    02-29-08 03:38 PM
  2. snagglej's Avatar
    perhaps i am biased, but what makes my decision easy is that the Telus service seems to be so much better. I was with Rogers with a Pearl before, and the totally gave me the run around everytime i had a problem. I have an 8830 with Telus now and the Personal E-mail, IM & Text 40 and it's great, unlimited e-mail, text and web browsing is just too much to pass up IMHO.

    Side note - the curve is some nice though.
    02-29-08 05:29 PM
  3. snagglej's Avatar
    haha, i went back and read that, i guess it was no help at all...
    i'll make it simple, my vote is for Telus!
    02-29-08 05:30 PM
  4. adrchn's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply..

    I am thinking is it worth spending $$ for a 8830 CDMA phone that can only be used with TELUS just for the good data plan? However, the phone I actually want (exterior wise and needs) can only be used on Rogers/Fido.

    Ugh... to get the plan i want? or get the phone i want? That is the dilemma!!

    my Brain is hurting!
    02-29-08 07:08 PM
  5. BlackBerry.est08's Avatar
    Also, there are rumors floating around that there will be a CDMA Curve being released in the States so look for it to also come to Canadian carriers shortly after.
    02-29-08 11:54 PM