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    Any Google Voice users? I have found a really cool way to utilize Google Voice. I've been playing around with it, off and on, for a long time, but wondering all along how I could really use some features that this service offers. When you setup your account, you will have a GV phone number, and along with that number comes voicemail. Not only is it like regular voicemail, but it will also make an attempt to transcribe the message so you can read it on your phone as text - pretty neat when it works accurately.

    I just learned yesterday that Cellular South offers a service for "no answer call forwarding" (might not be what they call it) for $1.99 per month. It just redirects your calls when you don't answer, instead of sending it to your CS voicemail. If you're like me, you can't stand calling in to check voicemail throughout the day. Anyway, here's what I've decided to do. I added the service with Cellular South and have my 'no answer' calls forwarded to my Google Voice number, then in my GV settings, I have calls set to go directly to voicemail. Then, I receive a notification that I have GV voicemail and I can read the text (again, if it transcribes accurately) or I can just press play and listen to it immediately. No calling in, at all. Unless something unexpected arises, I doubt I'll be using CS voicemail anymore.

    There are a few setting to tweak in GV to make sure you don't create a loop, and to make it work how you want it to. Let me know if any of you have more detailed questions on how to set it up, or how it's working.

    12-10-09 10:41 AM