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    Since the release of the 9800 the recent Google Verizon partnership has kind of slipped under the radar in CB. For those of us on the Verizon network the most obvious result has been the removal of free calls and text via GV. With the GV access number changing with each call you can no longer add it to your friends & family list. Prior to GV upgrade GV sms threads could be set to forward to email. GV sms messages now appear in both BB sms app and email app. I'm I whining because I no longer have free calls and text using GV? Sure I am! And before you start flaming me... Consider how many BBM and BBG messages you send in a month. Without that precious unlimited data plan, many of us would be in real trouble! Not to mention internet use. I see a "bad moon rising" with this Google Verizon partnership... Anyone else?

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    08-14-10 01:55 AM
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    Google's been evil before, not too surprised they could mess with verizon customers the same way. (A canadian TELUS customer speaking on behalf of concerned verizon customers), google better NOT harm telus while I still have my contract or they'll get a very mad customer (or better yet, 1 million pissed off ones).

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    08-14-10 07:08 AM
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    the google voice update happened long before the Google/Verzion Net Neutrality thing started, and i've said it once before

    people like twisting words, i'm not that ignorant to think that Android is that heavily flooded in the market.

    This whole battle over net neutrality is stupidity. I've been reading about the battle going on via Google and Verzion. Which i think it's funny you don't ask to boycott Verzion, Comcast, ATT or any other provider out there that has done similar things.

    the idea of net neutrality is based on ISP, governments, on content, sites, platforms, w/ no restrictions imposed. and if i pay x amount dollars, and another use of x amount should have the same speeds and access.

    I don't see that being a problem.

    google and verzion are proving why it is needed in today's market share. And i see the FCC siding with idea of net neutrality .

    people are having a Chicken Little syndrome and thinking the end of the interwebs is in sight when it's not .

    I don't/didn't see people calling out of a ban/boycott of Comcast some 5-6 years ago when the same thing happened with them.

    And what about ATT banning VoIP programs on their 3G network, showing that corporate America only cares about making money. Why should we allow voice over Data when we can force/make the use their minuets....

    IF this did anything it made Google and Verzion bring out the fact of why it is needed. And by judging by the past FFC and court rulings, they'll see it's needed.

    What does "google and verizon are proving its needed in todays marketshare" mean mjneid?

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    If Google and Verzion get what they want.

    the internet will not be on a "same speed for same price" policy anymore. And Google, Yahoo, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and who ever else supplies the internet will be able to pick winners and loser of broad Band speeds.

    We will still have the internet, there are to many corporate firms that rely on the internet, for communications, for file sharing, not to mention what ever they want.

    the FCC and the Court systems have ruled in the past that this simply cannot happen. It's discriminatory against people based on their choice of supplier. It doesn't aline with the idea of a Free Market trade, it demotes the idea of competition. That i should get better service just based on the choice that i make. If by chance i'm locked into a 2 year contract with ATT/T-Mobile or Sprint and all of sudden my speeds via Google get throttle back just because Google and Verzion work together to get a Non-Neutral Networking system approved i'd be ticked off, and you better believe that a class action law suit against the FCC would soon follow.

    The reason we are seeing increased speeds via t-mobile, Sprint, ATT, and Verzion growing via technology change is the idea that i get to choose the supplier that has put the most effort into their system to make it faster for me as an end consumer and not have it throttled or controlled by any government or outside forces

    Not having my supplier pick my speed because Google and Verzion have teamed up.... it just goes against what our competitive market was built on.

    and i didn't call "you" stupid.

    I'm just sick of seeing all of the "ban google" "boycott google" people are playing Chicken Little w/o looking down the road to see what this really means.

    i am however not a fan that this might bring on a FCC controlled Internet to make sure everything is a level playing ground.
    08-14-10 07:28 AM
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    Bottom line - Verizon will screw you everytime. They are the worst provider in the market for ripping off their customers.
    08-14-10 07:56 AM