1. pokerpro's Avatar
    Just wanted to know if anyone knew the number I need to call for verizon to do this. Thanks for the help in advance
    02-24-10 05:56 PM
  2. empirez32's Avatar
    Just go on verizon.com and get the international customer service numbers and tell them ur going out of the country and that u need to unlock you tour so u can use it out of the country... Its very easy
    02-24-10 05:59 PM
  3. empirez32's Avatar
    are u sure its not unlocked already???
    02-24-10 06:02 PM
  4. pokerpro's Avatar
    Thank you for the quick reply and no unfortunately it isnt unlocked.
    02-24-10 06:22 PM
  5. lastraid's Avatar
    call 800-711-8300
    02-24-10 06:28 PM
  6. CellUnlock.net's Avatar
    Thank you for the quick reply and no unfortunately it isnt unlocked.
    If you have an account with them in good standing they (Verizon) have to give you the code for free. Don't settle for a NO, if so hang up and call again
    02-25-10 08:56 AM
  7. skamania#CB's Avatar
    i called verizon global support yest and they gave me unlock codes for all of the phones on my family plan no questions asked. it was a piece of cake. good luck.
    02-25-10 09:25 AM
  8. wbkm85's Avatar
    it's super easy w sprint too, they shouldnt give you any problems
    02-25-10 10:39 AM
  9. pokerpro's Avatar
    Thanks for all the help really very appreciated. I called and it was given to me within 5 minutes and the code they gave worked perfectly. Thanks again to all
    02-26-10 12:19 AM
  10. CellUnlock.net's Avatar
    Glad to hear! Have a save trip!
    02-26-10 12:19 AM
  11. eslai's Avatar
    At my office, there are three of us with 9630s. Two of us have been to the UK and have brought our Tours online without using roaming. You can get pre-paid SIM cards from Orange and it works great. You do have to call Orange and tell them to let you on their Blackberry network, and then you do need to flush the host routing table on the Tour, but other than that it works great and is a lot cheaper than roaming via CDMA!
    02-26-10 03:25 AM
  12. redneck6497's Avatar
    get the global calling plan from Verizon. unlimited data for a few bucks more than you spend right now. Phone calls are probably .50/min more than a local sim. The unlimited data is priceless though.
    02-26-10 08:59 AM