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    Long story short I baught the 8900 two months ago. I was the first in the area to have one and I loved it. Two weeks went by and The track ball was acting up and I went in to the store and one of the managers there that i know well agreed with me and said that is alot of money for a phone that will not work and the corporate office tech would not call me back so he gave me another one and I was stoked. A month later it started and the new phone, track ball sticking and I was mad. I buy a new phone every four months or so and I want a phone that works. So after being patient I finally reached the tech and he told me to send it to him that he would fix it so I did. On top of that I baught the 8310 in January and at the time they said they were not getting any more bb's in and so I signed a new contract to get special pricing on the 8310. Three months later I go in to pay my bill and there it is the 8900. They would not give me special pricing on the phone despite how much money you give there company each year. So here I am. They tell me today despite this being my second 8900 in two months and going on twice to the repair man at the company I am stuck with the 500 dollar phone. I am switching to verizon this weekend. There is alot more to the story but they simply said that if i baught a new t.v. it would be the same treatment. Thanks cellular one for the phone that I have to pay for and doesn''t work. How is your carrier
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    Makes me think there is more going on than just the trackball stopping. Trackballs can get dirty and will get stuck on dirt. I know it has happened a couple of times with my BB. A little rubbing alcohol and q-tip and all was well. If it is happening every few months, try washing your hands more often, or cleaning your trackball now and then.

    Same happened with computer mice. You have to clean the mouse ball every once in a while (optical makes that so much nicer these days). A mouse would start skipping or stop responding if it got too much gunk up on the sensor rollers.

    If your trackball is in an environment where it can get dirty in a few months, switching to Verizon is not going to help (unless you get an 8520/8530).

    //and what is with all these people not using paragraphs!?!?//
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    Thanks for your input!

    Since I received my phone back in the mail from repair now it is freezing up. I had to pull the battery six times yesterday, and I know and am aware of apps and mem for apps and before I sent it away it was lagging and the track ball was messing up. I live in montana and for the most part my phone is in a very nice case and I wipe it off all the time.

    I am more dissapointed in the( lack of customer service that was not provided).
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    //and what is with all these people not using paragraphs!?!?//
    I second this. Paragraphs are our friends.

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    I second this. Paragraphs are our friends.

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    Noticed this a lot lately around here. Such a simple thing really...
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    i'm sorry but long story short, your story is really confusing.
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