1. charlestonemt's Avatar
    I recently closed my sprint account which had two 8330's on it. The account is completely closed and the bill has been paid in full...confirmed $0 balance.

    I have called CS several times and gotten different answers, the most recent of which I believe is correct but I wanted to ask here to verify, so here goes.

    Do I need to do anything else to get the ESN's released to sell the phone? The most recent rep told me that they would always be attached to my account until they are activated on someone else's account. He said just to make sure, he successfully added one of the phones to another account and then took it right back off.

    I just dont want to end up having to refund anyone after a sale is complete.
    11-19-09 10:54 AM
  2. charlestonemt's Avatar
    Anyone have any ideas?
    11-19-09 02:36 PM
  3. Darkflame808's Avatar
    Just call sprint posing as a new customer and tell them this.

    "I am interested in obtaining sprint service but am purchasing my phone from ebay, is there anyway I can check to see if the ESN is clear?"

    They'll ask you for the ESN and you'll be all set.

    Another way you can do it is to just have a friend who has sprint service use the online esn switcher and if it takes you are all G just switch back to his/her original phone and your phone is released from any accounts.

    Sprint is a lot more lenient on their ESN's. I found a 755P on a wall in front of my house. Left it on waiting for someone to call. Woke up the next morning had a voice mail but when I tried to check it the phone was turned off.

    Fast forward 2 months my phone broke on me so I figured i'd give it a shot, punched in the esn and it activated. got my phone replaced and turned in the phone at that time.
    11-19-09 03:29 PM
  4. cire0309's Avatar
    You'll be fine selling the phone. According to Sprint's CS, the only reason for them to flag an ESN (or MEID) is for a stolen/lost phone or a closed account with a balance.

    I've both sold and bought phones used. If you're selling the phone in person, have the other party call Sprint there and then and verify the ESN is clear. CS is generally helpful (unless you find one that's just plain incompetent).
    11-19-09 05:10 PM