1. ColourBerry's Avatar
    Hey guys I wanna unlock a storm 2 on the Rogers network but Ive read in many threads a dispute towards what one is better the 9550 or the 9520 on a GSM network.

    My questions are..

    A) Which one is the best choice obviously?
    B) What kind of pros and cons do each have?

    Thanks in advance for the reply
    01-06-10 08:36 PM
  2. stillborn86's Avatar
    Isn't the 9520 already a GSM phone? Am I missing something here?
    01-06-10 09:15 PM
  3. taimuramjad's Avatar
    i have 9550 on a Asian GSM network. My storm 9550 has the following call related options missing:

    call hold
    Call forwarding
    Call waiting / hold and Swap calls
    Conference calls

    These options are simply missing from the phone/network options on my 9550.

    All of these options are there on the GSM version and used to work for me on my S1 GSM as well.

    If above options are important then go for 9520. If the above are not important to you then the obvious choice is 9550 because it offers flexibility to move GSM to CDMA/EVDO network or vice versa.

    good luck with your choice.

    EDIT: one more thing, 9550 comes with a 16GB memory card which the 9520 doesnt come with. 9520 comes with a magnetic leather holster /case
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    01-07-10 05:38 AM
  4. chasvs's Avatar
    9520 is a GSM only phone so if you are going to be using it only on GSM networks it's the better choice. Not much chance that you'd ever be able to connect to a CDMA network without a contract with the network provider so I don't see any advantage to using the 9550.
    01-07-10 07:37 AM
  5. Mark PPG's Avatar
    Given the current OS issues with service books and the 9550 I have unlocked on Rogers, I'd say 9520

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    01-07-10 07:41 AM
  6. taimuramjad's Avatar
    Yes, it is also my personal opinion after having used S1 9500GSM (, 5.0) and S2, 9550(shipped OS and Leak), I feel the GSM versions are more stable, software wise.

    So again, if your interest is in just GSM dont look in the 9550 direction
    01-07-10 07:46 AM
  7. RicanMedic78's Avatar
    I think the question is, are both capable of the same GSM bands both in the US and around the world. The 9550 doesnt do 3g bands in the US. Dont know if the same applies to the 9520 as well, but that should probably be your main focus
    01-07-10 07:47 AM
  8. ColourBerry's Avatar
    thx for all the feedback
    01-10-10 11:29 PM
  9. BMaximus's Avatar
    I have had nothing but a good experience with the 9550 on T-Mobile
    01-10-10 11:30 PM