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    I know many of us got the Tour because it's the latest and greatest BB Sprint has to offer, but I did get it the Tour for it's international roaming capabilities as well (it's about a 70/30 ratio for me).

    Just an FYI for those of you using your phone overseas. As discussed in other threads, those who have everything data plans can have a $40/mo add-on for unlimited data while roaming internationally. You can have this feature turned on before you leave, and off after your get back, and it is pro-rated (very nice of Sprint).

    Just be careful when you turn the data on and off (the dates you give them). The Sprint Worldwide CS rep told me the data plan would be turned on and off according to US time/dates and I asked three times just to be sure, but she was still wrong. If you're traveling to a country that is ahead of US time, make sure you go by local time/date. I was in Japan, which is 14 hours ahead of EST.

    I was billed $8 for 6 days of use while in Japan (a deal you can't beat with a stick or get on ANY other carrier) but when I checked my usage yesterday, they billed me for $6.22 for 389 KB of data used on the day I was on a 12 hour flight back to the US.

    After a brief (and surprisingly pleasant) discussion with another Sprint Worldwide CS rep, she apologized, fixed the problem and told me the data usage was removed from the system (b/c it's on my current billing cycle) and to check online in 24-48 hours to ensure it was. Less than 6 hours later, it was gone.

    Thank you Sprint for the awesome data plan!!! Just have leave it on for an extra day to make sure they get the billing correct.
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