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    I have a blackberry 8900 but don't have the data plan. I could not access the web, it keep bring me to web2go. So i put my sim card in my iphone and change my apn to internet2.voicestream.com and was able to access the web using edge. I look at my phone bill and saw a blackberry voice add-on unlimited and I'm confused. I went over to the tmobile site and saw Data: .52/unlimited. I never pay for the internet i only have unlimited family texting. So i was wondering would i be charge for using edge?
    Sorry if this doesn't make sense. But here's a picture:
    Also how do I change it so that I can use edge on my blackberry. I tries changing the apn and rebooting my phone but it still go back to web2go.
    Thanks for all your help guys
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    04-07-10 11:15 PM
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    Trust me nothing is free. If you don't have a data plan, you will be billed for a la carte data access at the prevailing per-kB rate. Most BB features won't work without a BB data plan and corresponding RIM services on your account.

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    04-08-10 06:40 PM
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    TM and all other carriers scan their users. They know if you use Internet and will charge you for it by the mb. The only way to get BB unlimited service is to buy a plan. Another option, when you have a WIFI connection, then, turn off the Network.
    04-08-10 07:43 PM
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    how much is it per mb?
    04-08-10 09:33 PM
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    I thought t-mobile doesn't have a per-mb charge. You either have Internet or you don't. No data plan, no Internet.

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    04-09-10 07:18 PM
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    how come i can recieve intrnet on my iphone but not my blackberry
    04-09-10 09:40 PM
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    Probably because BB needs a BB data plan to communicate with RIM servers.

    iPhones can work on any plan.

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    04-09-10 10:14 PM
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    i currently dont have a plan for my iphone. i only have txting plan
    04-09-10 10:18 PM
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    The data plan doesn't enable/disable data, it just makes it more affordable. You may want to call T-Mo and tell them you inadvertently used some data and see if they will waive the charge. Or at least they could tell you the pricing...
    04-09-10 10:30 PM