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    I get more questions about Flexpay than any other product or service we sell. I'd like to set up a thread here to give details on some of the common information people ask for. If there is a question you need answered, don't hesitate to ask.

    Introduction: Flexpay was started a few years back and replaced the existing "deposit" system. Rather than putting down a $250 or $500 deposit, you were able to simply pay your first month's bill, along with either a full-priced or discounted phone.

    How is Flexpay different from a regular account?: You must pay your bill before the beginning of your next billing cycle. If you do not, your phone will go into suspension, and you will not be able to use your phone, except for Flex account transactions (Explained later). Flexpay plans do not allow minute overages during the month. If you use your allotted minute bucket, your phone goes into a state of partial suspension. You will still be able to use any of the following services, provided your plan includes them:
    - Free Mobile to Mobile calls
    - Free nights and weekends
    - Calls to your MyFaves
    - Internet
    - Text and picture messaging

    Please note, if your next billing cycle starts and you have not yet paid your balance, these features will not be available.

    What is the Flex Account?: The Flex Account is a separately maintained dollar balance which can be used for many things, including:
    - Minutes, if you have run out
    - Messages, if you have run out or do not have a messaging bundle
    - International charges for long distance, roaming, or messaging
    - Premium downloads, such as ringtones or games

    The Flex account is credited with a $5 balance at the time of activation. It can be refilled with normal T-Mobile prepaid refill cards, in denominations of $10, $25, $50, and $100. Flexpay users with a family plan will have one shared Flex Account.

    If you do not pay you bill by the due date, you can use the Flex Account to cover calls and messages until the balance is paid. Once the due date has passed, ALL calls are debited from the Flex Account, regardless of whether or not it is Mobile to Mobile, a MyFaves contact, or a night/weekend call.

    If you are out of minutes, or past your due date on the bill, people who attempt to call you will get a message that you are not accepting calls, unless you have a high enough balance in your Flex Account. The exception to this is if you have run out of minutes, but the person's call fits into one of the free call categories listed above.

    How does a late payment affect my plan?: If you miss your due date and your phone suspends, both your payment amount and included minutes are prorated for that month only. To make math easy, say you have a $40 plan, which include 600 minutes. Your bill is due the 1st, but you're not able to pay it until the 16th. When you do pay it, you will only owe $20 plus taxes, and once your service is restored, you will have 300 minutes for the rest of the month. This does not change your due date, which means your next payment of $40 plus taxes is still due before the 1st of next month.

    The same rules apply to messaging bundles with a limited number of messages. Naturally, unlimited bundles are not affected, except that their price prorates along with the plan.

    Your due date is based upon the day you activate. Generally, the billing date will be either the same day next month, or 1-2 days after. For example, if you activate your Flexpay account on the 10th of September, your next month's cycle will start between the 10th and 12th. The actual date will be printed on your paperwork.

    Special note: You can put any balance in your Flex Account towards your normal bill. You must call Flexpay customer care to do this.

    Are there different types of Flexpay accounts?: To the consumer, there are two. Flexpay Monthly and Flexpay Annual. T-Mobile differentiates further between two types of Monthly accounts, but it does not affect the account holder.

    Annual customers are eligible for the same pricing and rebates as a normal customer if they sign up for a one or two year contract. Monthly customers must pay the retail value of any phone they purchase, but are not obligated to sign a contract. T-Mobile corporate stores generally offer 3-4 phones which monthly customers will still get a small discount on if purchased at the time they set the account up.

    How many lines can I get?: Flexpay Annual has a maximum of two lines, which can be on a family plan or separate. Some reps believe it must be on a family plan, but the billing system will accept it either way. Flexpay Monthly has a maximum of three lines, which can be on one family plan, or individual plans. Because a person can activate a Flexpay Monthly without a credit check, it is possible to have more than three lines because there is no social security number to attach it to.

    Are there any differences in features or pricing?: There are a few differences in features and pricing. If you do not opt for Easy Pay (Automatic payment from a bank account or credit/debit card) you will be charged a "Control Charge" of $4.99 per line. In addition, there are some restrictions on what features can be added to Flexpay accounts.

    Features that are not allowed
    - Hotspot (UMA) calling
    - Most "Free for 30 days" promos on internet

    Features not allowed on family plans
    - $34.99 unlimited web & messaging for G1/BB/Sidekick. Family plans must use the $24.99 web only plan coupled with an appropriate Flexpay family text package, listed below
    - $4.99 300 message and $9.99 1000 message bundles.

    Flexpay family plans have the following bundles available:
    - $9.99 for 300 shared messages
    - $14.99 for 1000 shared messages
    - $24.99 for unlimited messages

    Are there any types or products I cannot use with Flexpay?: Currently Flexpay users cannot have T-Mobile @Home service (Home phone) or the Web Connect laptop stick.
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    Please let me know if I've overlooked anything. Hopefully Project Black doesn't make all this info obsolete
    10-18-09 04:01 AM
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    Quick question. Why are Flex Pay customers charged to make changes on their accounts? For instance, I attempted to add the free VVM feature today and TMO was going to assess a $70 fee in order to provision the service today. I think that is ridiculous. Same scenario with switching to one of the Even More plans the $35 migration fee in addition to the account change charge. What gives?
    11-19-09 07:42 PM
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    Flexpay customers aren't charged any extra for features. Sometimes when you make a feature switch and are close to your cycle date, the computer will ask for your outstanding balance for the next month. For EM+ migrations, Flexpay customers pay the same fees as regular customers.

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    11-20-09 02:25 AM