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    this story is collecting dust on the ATT "support" forums. any unofficial "official" feedback here would be appreciated.

    Torch 9810, 4Gb data Plan w/Tethering (this is posted from my desktop, using a local hotspot, i'm not touching my data services until i get some answers)

    every different way (provided by ATT) i have to monitor my data usage always show different quantities. plus, i'm tethered, and forget about the counters (or add-on apps) telling me what's up with that.

    right before the end of my previous billing cycle, i spent a harrowing 3 days monitoring & doing my own math, trying to utilize every bit of data i paid for, while not going over and buying more data, which will not roll-over.

    i know i reached my limit, confirmed by a desktop "communication manager" popup, but online indicators didn't move for days at a time. the text warnings were so far off it was laughable, except i'm not laughing. this tells me that if i'd been using the device alone, i would have gone over without knowing.

    now, this is day one of my new cycle, data services has been "off" for a couple days. yet both a *data# request and the online usage indicator shows 3200Mb. so i have to start my new cycle clueless, and i have to wait until my bill is generated to find out if there's any surprises there.

    EDIT: a 611 call confirmed i'm really at "0" but the rep didn't have a clue about actual usage last month, or when i can expect the online indicator to update itself.

    this arrangement is SO WRONG! if i'm gonna be capped with automatic overage charges, i need real-time monitoring of anything that uses data charged against my 4Gb. speaking of which, i could also use real answers about what features are using my data. for instance, i hear there's confusion about (so-called unlimited) MM messages with attached images/videos taking a bite. since the messaging already costs $20, wouldn't that be double-dipping?

    and if i'm gonna be charged for an extra Gb, any unused should rollover, period.

    either offer me unlimited data or implement rollover on the current plans, that's what i say, and if ATT can't provide real-time monitoring then they shouldn't be selling capped plans with automatic overage charges.

    all i can think about is how many people & companies pay their bill without looking...and then i have to wonder how much all that amounts to for ATT's pocketbook.

    the current arrangement is exploitive and has to change.

    (i'm not looking for discussion about add-on apps, i'm looking for my service provider to provide service)
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    Data only gets counted a few hours after a session ends. A session will end if the phone is disconnected from the cellular network by any means. A data session could conceivably last for days, and all usage during it would be counted in one lump after the session closed. There may be applications that provide realtime data usage tracking, but I am not aware of any as I have no need for such nonsense.

    No one is getting unlimited data. Even when unlimited packages were still being offered, the tethering side was limited to 5GB of data per billing cycle. If you want unlimited internet access on your computer, subscribe to a home ISP. Dry loop DSL is less expensive, in most cases, than the extra you would pay to tether your phone.

    I can't see why people would want to tether when they could just get a 3G or and LTE dongle and buy data sessions as needed, rather than paying x-amount per month, and I can see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It's because each bite is packed with cinnamon-swirled sweetness.
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    most of the time i travel and use my device stand-alone...

    at the moment, i'm settled in for the winter, tethering (which i'm new to, and it's only temporary) is my best bet for seamless service and ease of bill-paying. since this is temporary, buying a used pc and tethering was less expensive overall than my (very rural) local options.

    when i hit the road again, i'll drop to a 2Gb plan & be fine with it.

    i just completed my first billing cycle on my new plan, i was aware of the terms, but i wasn't aware just how hard monitoring my usage can be, or how an overage charge can sneak up on you if you're not on top of things. imo, ATT's being very un-helpful in handling their end of this deal.

    as i said, i think adding rollover to the capped data plans would solve the problem.

    i'm a veteran living on a fixed disability budget, and $10 is $10, so i bother myself with such nonsense as necessary. everyone's situation is different, and this is the one i'm in...i'm not just some kid playing with techno-candy, i'm also an adult trying to handle his affairs responsibly.

    Data only gets counted a few hours after a session ends. A session will end if the phone is disconnected from the cellular network by any means. A data session could conceivably last for days, and all usage during it would be counted in one lump after the session closed.
    thank you for some lucid & useful pointers, i sure appreciate the input...i could do without the jabs tho.
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    now AT&T has made my point for me...my previous bill is ready for viewing...

    altho my communication management software warned me i had reached the 4GB limit, my previous usage says i used only 3.1GB.

    so, thru shortcomings in the data monitoring logistics, i've been ripped-off for about a GB of data, or 25% of the data services i paid for.

    like i said, $10 is $10. apparently, AT&T feels the same way, eh?

    clearly, something's wrong with this picture.
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    i sure wish folks would get onboard with this issue. i see a lot of confusion, frustration, and downright hostility, surrounding the new Data Plan arrangements.

    and i think my brand-new user's feedback would be important.

    i didn't have much of a problem with the terms, or price, of the Data Pro Plan. and i'm way satisfied with the actual technology & performance.

    but, i didn't know how messed up the logistics of monitoring and optimizing usage were until i experienced it firsthand.

    and now that i have, i'm telling ya's this is one screwed-up deal. without rollover, and with inaccurate usage counters, i guess i can pretty much expect to get burned every month.

    and i can't believe it's such a non-issue, both to the community and to AT&T.
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    for a week, i left my (currently 4GB tether plan) data alone...all the counters settled in at 1180MB used.

    2 nites ago, i did a planned 2.2GB tethered download, using "AT&T Communication Manager" software, which has an integrated counter.

    when i finished my session, my desktop software usage "bar" showed i was full-up. because of last month's experience, i expected to see that screw-up.

    last nite, 24hrs later, my olam counter and a *3282# both showed 1208MB.

    this morning, 36 hours later, both the *3282# and olam shows 3400MB used. which i know to be about right.

    my desktop software still indicates i've reached my limit.

    a few moments ago, 40 hours later, i got a warning text saying i've reached 65%, or about 2700MB.

    i'll let you know when/if the 75% (or 3072MB) warning ever shows up.

    do the math, my friends. this engineered-confusion leads to either a lot of unused data being left behind, or unexpected overages, with AT&T re-couping all leftovers at our expense. that's every month, every customer.

    granted, there is no evidence of throttling, which i think is the "carrot" currently being used to extort the grandfathered-unlimiteds.

    the cost of (blindly) running add-on streaming services with this arrangement must be out of this world. i don't want to wait 2 days to see if i have enough data to watch a game or movie or whatever, and i certainly don't want to learn, after the fact, that the game or movie cost me an additional $10...unless i'm provided with effective accurate monitoring, i just can't afford to have any of it onboard, so i'm going without. i hope my 9810 can do it's regular thing on 300MB a month. and i truly resent being put in this position.

    btw-the AT&T "support" forums have taken to chasing me around & deleting my input over there. no cussing or other inappropriate content, just the math and the facts. ok, some opinion too, but no abuse. boy that place is filling up with complaints about the data setup. but to be clear, i don't hold their forum staff responsible, this is an issue of policy.
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