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    By: Jacob Siegal | Sep 27, 2013, 10:00 PM

    In a momentary reprieve from the gloom surrounding BlackBerrys future, Sprint declared that it has not yet decided to stop carrying BlackBerry handsets. Sprint CFO Joe Euteneur said that Sprint will be taking a wait-and-see approach for whether or not it will continue to carry BlackBerry phones in its stores now that the handset vendor is shifting focus away from the consumer market. The carrier noted*that business customers have typically been the biggest fans of BlackBerry smartphones, Reuters reports.*This development comes right on the heels of T-Mobiles confirmation that it will no longer carry BlackBerry products in its stores. Reuters also spoke with Verizon CEO*Lowell McAdam who stated that, much like Sprint, his companys decision would depend on its customers wishes.

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    I do t have sprint like but :O thats not good bb need to get this BBM x crossplatform and fast!

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    I don't think having BBM cross platform is gonna make a difference as to whether or not Sprint stocks the phone in stores. unless Sprint thinks having BB10 in stores is a good idea from the point of sales, they won't stock it. it will only be available online. unfortunately with BB going more towards enterprise customers, they have set themselves up to move in that direction.
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    09-28-13 08:21 PM

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