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    Hello everyone,

    Looking at getting my first BB on Telus. Should I go for the Curve 8330 $29.99? Spend the extra money on the tour $149.99?

    Is the Curve a perfectly functional phone? Keep in mind I would have the phone for 3 years.

    Or should I wait for Telus to get more selection? BB bold?

    Thanks for the input.
    11-16-09 04:08 PM
  2. Janye's Avatar
    Get the Tour. They are now offering the Curve off contract for month to month users for $249. However, if your willing to pay 199 for the Tour, pay the extra 40 odd and get the Bold which has wifi.
    11-16-09 04:48 PM
  3. Plazmic Flame's Avatar
    Your first BB...well...the BB Curve 8330 was my first BB and it did me well when I got it way back when. I would advise against getting it though since it's considered to be apart of an older generation line of BBs. Flat out I would say to get the Bold 9700 because it has the trackpad which will save you a lot of trouble from what trackballs cause over time PLUS the already ongoing issue with Tour trackballs.

    I say keep your sights on the Bold 9700 or the Tour. Although if you go with the Bold 9700, you will have to get one of Telus' new "Clear Pricing" plans which I hear are not that great at all. If you go with the Tour, make sure to look at the plans and don't make a rep make the mistake of giving you a Clear Pricing plan, those are only for devices on the new network. If you get a CDMA device, you should get the regular pricing which is decent.
    11-16-09 04:57 PM
  4. igor0190's Avatar
    I already negotiated a new plan with retentions... How come the Bold isn't even listed on the Telus website?

    -250+50 Daytime Minutes
    -Weekend/Evenings 6PM
    -Unlimited Text Messaging
    -Caller ID, Voicemail 10
    -75 Long Distance Minutes
    -My5 Local
    -500MB Data Plan ($25)
    -BB Curve 8330 on a 3yr contract is $29.99

    + 2.70 GRRF
    + 5.72 PST/GST

    TOTAL = $53.42/ month
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    11-17-09 01:07 PM
  5. bbtour9630's Avatar
    Are you in Thunder Bay / Manitoba / Saskatchewan? If so, Telus won't activate you on the HSPA+ network and thus you cannot have the Bold 9700 until Telus fully rolls out their network late 2010.

    Sucks to be us...

    If I were you, I'd wait for the Storm 2 to be released on Telus which will likely be within a few weeks, I'd figure. Wifi is the major reason to not get a Tour, Curve, or Pearl.
    11-17-09 03:25 PM
  6. igor0190's Avatar
    Yeah, I am in MB.... I'm not going to wait until late 2010, so I guess I will just go ahead and get the BB Curve. I wonder if I could get it for a decent price on a 2 year contract instead of 3????
    11-17-09 04:13 PM
  7. barbge's Avatar
    I love my Curve 8330 from Sprint. I wouldn't switch to the boring looking Tour personally.

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    11-17-09 04:26 PM