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    Is it just me? I'm not receiving emails this morning (Denver, t-mobile, BIS, bold 9700 w/ os

    I can send email fine and they arrive immediately. I can surf fine, SSH to my server works, phone works.

    Had email at 10:30pm last night, it went to sleep (auto on/off), woke up this morning, all fine... except the dozen emails that arrived during the night weren't showing up. Did a battery pull, no change. Just sent a couple tests from different servers direct to it, no go. I'm not seeing anyone else reporting an outage but figured I'd check.

    EDIT: 5hrs later and the dam broke, all emails flooded in, along with a message from "Activation Server" at bb saying I had successfully set up my email. I hadn't done anything but apparently someone noticed a problem and fixed. Yay.
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    12-02-09 11:37 AM
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    Yeah I am on Alltel in North Dakota, and I to have not recieved any emails today. I checked on my hotmail via the browser, and I have recieved 5 emails since this afternoon and not one of them has been pushed to my berry. Very strange. All other services (browser, BBM, SMS, MMS) work however I am not getting any emails pushed.

    The last email that I recieved via push was at about 8:00 PM lastnight.
    12-02-09 05:53 PM