1. Denise in Los Angeles's Avatar
    OMG... It was very challenging, but I got it. I was in the TMO Tuesdays app, and clicked on the offer for MLB At Bat, but the webpage would not open. Then when I when back into the app, it showed that I had already redeemed the offer.

    I then did the online chat from my PC with TMO to see if I could get a new link. I was waiting so long during the chat that it kept shutting down. Very annoying. Plus, anytime I have to contact TMO, I need to change my password. Double annoying.

    The chat person was nice, but no help. He had me clear my cache in my phone's web browser, then go back into the Tuesday app again. I was able to get the offer for MLB again, but when I click the button to activate the offer, again, the webpage is not working.

    Something occurred to me... try the Tuesday app from my PC??? Yes, I did it. Was able to actually activate the offer, and get registered for the free year of MLB At Bat.

    The chat guy kept acting like he helped me... but it was not at all anything that he suggested to me. I thanked him anyway for TRYING to help me.

    Long story short, I will be enjoying this app during baseball season!
    03-27-18 07:06 PM
  2. JJBBgreat's Avatar
    Yep. I had some problems myself. Turned out that Firefox didn't like the link, so I had to use Chrome.
    03-28-18 08:05 AM

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