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    As the title states, I have a dead storm (actually my wifes storm) and am in need of another BB quickly. I'm wanting to stay with BB so I'm up for suggestions. Some info that may help; I'm eligible for an upgrade on my line (storm also) but wanting to wait for new releases before using NE2; would like to consider a used verizon BB off craigslist or other to get by for a while.

    So I'm open to suggestions; current used Bold, Curve, Tour, Storm or Storm 2? Again, this would be a short term BB until something better/newer became available on Verizon.

    Thanks for your input,

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    10-22-10 03:11 PM
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    If you enjoy the Blackberry touchscreen experience I would suggest the Storm2 9550. I have been very happy with mine since switching from a Curve 8330 earlier this year. My mother-in-law has a Storm1 and I think the data input experience on the Storm2 is far superior. I could type just as fast as I could on my Curve after minimal use of the 9550.

    I will say using it as an actual phone is not as good as my Curve was though. I do suffer from "robot voice" sometimes if I am not using a blue tooth headset with the Storm2. The latest OS may have fixed that though .983 I believe. Plus if you get a used one it may have an older OS that doesn't have that issue.
    10-22-10 03:34 PM