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    I know this may be more fitting for the Service Outage forums, but I thought I would share with my Tour brethren. I know RIM has data outage all over the country. Some people are just having BBM problems, others like myself have no internet service. Just thought Id let you all know, Opera Mini is still running fine even though the default browser is not.


    This was meant for the Tour section, but I figured it would get moved here. Its all good. I suppose ill add that if you have wifi, you can still use the native browser on your device.
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    12-23-09 02:35 AM
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    this is true
    12-23-09 02:43 AM
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    The BB browser will also work if you turn off the wireless network, and enable WiFi.
    12-23-09 02:46 AM
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    Yep, I'm typing this from Opera Mini 5 Beta 2. Interesting, I thought all data went through RIM's servers, but I guess not. Good to know!

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    12-23-09 03:49 AM
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    I discovered BOLT browser also worked on my TOUR (which does NOT have wifi).
    12-23-09 11:15 AM