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    Hello all,

    Wind Mobile user here and I am running into some issues when I travel to Mexico. I have been traveling to Cancun specifically a few times a year now and I would like to use my phone. The issue I have is that the "World Traveler" add on that is part of Wind's roaming package lists AT&T as their roaming partner in Mexico.

    On several trips I have not been able to stay connected to that network. I have done a scan several times and it doesn't appear in the list. By some miracle I was able to connect for a few minutes one day automatically but that's it.

    I always seem to connect to local ones such as Tel-Cel, Movistar etc. I use wi-fi whenever possible but it's still frustrating with the lack of connection.

    Does anyone have similar experiences? Any suggestions?


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    05-23-16 07:51 PM
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    i'm with verizon and in Cancun i don't remember to get more then 1 local carrier i would guess telcel ,my text and voice works but internet i get only 3g and it's not connecting .of course cdma phone ,gsm carrier not much i can expect and also my roaming charges are outrages
    if you really need data connection you can use a global jetpack with mexican simcard,
    I can confirm telcel it's the provider in Cancun and I don't have any intenet/data with Verizon sim card
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    05-23-16 08:36 PM

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