1. ericsmcdonald's Avatar
    I assume the answer is it depends contract to contract, but figured I'd ask.

    My company offers a 20% discount on plans and features, and 25% off accessories at any time. I have a family plan with 3 blackberries on it, including the primary number. I get 20% off the BIS on the primary, and up until the last bill, 20% off the BIS on BB #2 and #3. When I noticed it missing on my previous bill, I called and was told "you never should have gotten 20% off the BIS on the non-primary numbers. You won't be back charged, but you won't get it anymore". However, when I go to "Change my Features" on MyVerizon, it lists the BIS as 20% off for line #2 and #3.

    So ... what is the deal? And if it shows it on MyVerizon, shouldn't it be billed that way?
    11-29-09 11:50 AM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    11-29-09 01:08 PM
  3. gettinthere's Avatar
    You should have never gotten it off of the secondary lines. It was a major kink that was caught and fixed in the billing system. It might not have rolled out to MyVerizon yet.
    11-29-09 02:02 PM